How to Train Your Team to Share Airtime

Measure and Improve Equal Turn-Taking to Drive Psychological Safety and Team Performance Google’s Aristotle Project studied hundreds of teams over several years. Researchers found that high-performing teams had several elements emphasizing trust, vulnerability, and inclusive communication in team dynamics. But psychological safety was dramatically more important than the others. Psychological safety is being able to…


The Business Case for a Scrum Master

The financial benefits of hiring full-time Scrum Masters A Scrum Master has a manager-level position’s accountability, scope, and responsibilities. Here is a rundown: Removes impediments, minimizes distractions, enhances emergent planning and feedback loops, upholds quality standards, eliminates barriers to efficiency and effectiveness, and does whatever else is required to keep the team’s concentration on getting…

4 Adaptions of Scrum with Kanban

Scrum AND Kanban — Learn the 4 Adaptions & 4 Metrics that Matter

Combine Scrum and Kanban, two Complementary Approaches to Getting Things Done Teams who wish to combine both frameworks may do so successfully with four adaptions and four data-driven elements to design improvements. Scrum is a good choice for teams working on incremental delivery of something. The team has enough information to start and reasonably forecast…

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Scrum Master Power-Ups

3 Practices to Break out of Cruise Control & Drive Change If the outcome of an effective Scrum Master is to create a high-performing, self-managing team, the litmus test may be — what happens when you are not there? The Ultimate Litmus Test: Go on Vacation Mike Cohn describes a high-performing team as one that…


Practical Fibonacci: A Beginner’s Guide to Relative Sizing-Part I

Overview of Agile Estimating Absolute vs. Relative Sizing When more is known than unknown, use absolute estimating. A traditional or Waterfall software development lifecycle includes a long and detailed planning period to define requirements before beginning development. Absolute estimating is the practice of applying an hourly, finite estimate to each requirement. Absolute estimating may seem…


Agile Product Consulting Toolkit

Agile Product Consulting Toolkit 5 Key Areas to Excel as a Product Consultant or Product Coach There is a new acronym trending: VUCA. It stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity. VUCA perfectly describes our world, accelerated by the pandemic and a low-touch digital economy. The good news is, there is an answer. The antidote…